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    Astronaut’s Tweets From Space Show That It’s The Best Job In The World

    Not many of us will ever have the privilege of knowing what it feels like to be in space, but thanks to Astronaut Reid Wiseman we can at least experience life beyond the stratosphere through his series of awe-inspiring tweets. The American spaceman sent them from the International Space Station back in 2014, and as […]

  • Donald Trump Will Get Paid This Much As A President

    As we all know it’s official now that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America, and he definitely isn’t doing it for the cash. By the way this is how much Donald Trump will get paid as a President.

  • Funny But Spot On Job Interviews

    If you visit a crappy business, chances are you’ll get the same crappy service every time you visit. You often ask yourself, ‘How the hell did these people get these jobs”. Some companies, even federal or social agencies, have such bad reputations that they may never live them down. It’s what they are known for. […]

  • Celebs Who Are Studs Or Duds In The Bedroom

    You’ve probably fantasized about having a romp with a famous celebrity once or twice, and wondered what it would be like. But imagine if you actually did it and it was nothing like you expected it would be. Imagine if you’re that famous celeb and your ex is telling everyone just how you rate in […]

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    Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

    There are many funny and embarrassing moment in our life. Sometimes we notice them when we see pictures of that moment. And these embarrassing moments will make us laugh a lot throughout the life and become a funny memory. So let’s take a look at these most hilarious moments caught on the camera, and I […]

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