These Are The Most Dangerous Female Gangsters In The World

Crime is mostly associated with gangsters and mobsters who are just as vicious as they are calculating. When asked to think of a gang leader, many will conjure up ideas of nasty-looking men in suits who you wouldn’t ever want to cross paths with. It’s often a shock, then, when a mother or wife is arrested for violent mob activity.

When a meek, mature lady walks up the steps to the courtroom, for example, many can’t help but feel sympathetic. Don’t be fooled, because female crime bosses are beginning to make their name when it comes to underground dealings.

The ten women profiled below have joined what is often seen as a boys club and have earned themselves an extortionate amount of money along the way. Everyone has heard of the infamous Bonnie Parker; well, these are the modern day madams who would make even the hardiest man shake in their boots. Of course, a life of crime is bound to catch up with you; almost all these mob bosses have been served justice, and the court didn’t go lightly when it came to the sentencing.

These women are here to prove that female mobsters should not be underestimated. They can make just as much money as their male counterparts – and they certainly aren’t afraid to break the law, intimidate and even kill to get it.