Woman Finds Free Jewelry On Her Windshield, Then Is Horrified When A White SUV Pulls Up

In order to stay safe, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

As I once learned in a self-defense class, becoming more conscious of what is around you can help get you out of a hairy situation without having to take any violent action, like this 11-year-old had to resort to.

This is exactly what this woman did once she became aware of a car that had parked peculiarly close to hers in a parking lot.

Swayed by her instincts, she drove away from the area to safety, where she then discovered something on her windshield that proved her paranoia.

Roused by her mother’s amazing brush with disaster, her daughter took to Facebook and warned the masses about the dangers of suspicious cars and free pretty pink jewelry.

While the scary report has been investigated by law enforcement, their search has proven inconclusive. However, the moral of the story remains the same: always be aware of your surroundings!