Celebs Who Are Studs Or Duds In The Bedroom

#10 Dud – Katy Perry According To Russell Brand

Katy Perry may be the big bosomed sweetheart, with all the hits, that everyone wants to bang, but her ex-husband, Russell Brand says she’s a flop in bed. The two were married in 2011, but sadly their relationship only lasted a little over a year. When Brand was asked about their separation while at a comedy show several years ago, Brand responded “When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you’re married, it’s one person. That’s one more than a monk. It’s not that different. I’d be having sex thinking, ‘think of anyone, anyone else.’”


#11 Stud – Angelina Jolie According To Brad Pitt

They’re split up now so perhaps he may have a different story, but when they were still hot and heavy back in 2011, Pitt said in an interview when he was asked about what it’s like to get intimate with Jolie, “She’s still a bad girl … Delightfully so. Well, it’s not for public consumption. We get one shot at this thing, as far as I know. I don’t wanna have any regrets when we get to, you know, when the time’s up. We try new things…” He was lucky to have been aware that all good things eventually come to an end. You can imagine both Pitt and Jolie are going to have no problems tracking down new partners now that they are both going to be living the single life going forward. And for the record, sources say that Pitt is definitely a STUD in bed, just like you hoped he was.


#12 Dud – Paris Hilton According To Nick Carter

Considering she has a sex tape out there from back in the day, you can always just search for it and judge for yourself. Nick Carter clearly liked what he saw when he watched it, as he and Paris Hilton dated for 7 months from 2003 until 2004. But in real life, Paris was far from a seductive siren in the bedroom. He said of his relationship with Hilton later that “She was a drunken prude who as far as I can see did not really like sex. She relied on drugs and drink to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform. I lost count of the nights I had to pick her off the floor and drag her to bed passed out.” After that interview came out, Hilton lashed back, saying that Carter was “so small she couldn’t tell if they were having sex or not.” So, both are dud in bed, according to one another.