Celebs Who Are Studs Or Duds In The Bedroom

#13 Stud – Charlie Sheen According To Bree Olson

Everyone in Hollywood is familiar with Sheens bragging about how much of a super stud he is, and it may be true. After his meltdown when being fired from Two And A Half Men, he hooked up with adult film star Bree Olson as well as model/graphic designer Natalie Kenly, both of whom he deemed goddesses. But the relationships both ended in 2011 and Olson was heartbroken, She did have some fond memories, however, saying that Sheen was “very talented in the bedroom”. He’s just a rock star, he’s a powerhouse… When I was with him, I felt as if we became one together, because he’s just so enticing sexually,” she said in a past interview. That is definitely high praise to receive from someone who appeared in over 400 adult films. Kenly has not been as open with her praise of Sheen, and simply says she has no complaints.


#14 Stud – Gene Simmons According To Everyone

Nobody in the history of Hollywood may have a bigger laundry list of women than Mr. Gene Simmons. As hard as his band Kiss rocked on stage, he allegedly rocked all the harder in bed. The rocker has gone on record stating that he has slept with close to 5,000 women over the years. Simmons admitted that he took photos of every single woman holding the hotel room key before they entered the room for lovemaking, so he could later have proof of the women he had sex with. Several of his affairs or groupies have told reporters that Simmons is definitely a stud in the bedroom, and he knows what to do with his long and well-known tongue.