Funny But Spot On Job Interviews

#1 A Good Job For Those Friends Who Hashtag Everything

You probably are normal and don’t hashtag every single thing or use emoticons in real life, but some people do, and they’re are very weird. But they still manage to find work. These days all you need is a little experience with social media and #GotTheJob!


#2 All You Really Need To Work At Starbucks

If your handwriting is worse than a nearsighted old time country doctor who still makes house calls, you’re hired! BTW new barista, my name is not spelled E-I-E-I-O!!


#3 There May Be A Place For You In Government Work If You Tend To Lose Things

The post office has long been known to lose track of anything important that you might be expecting. If you are one of those people that lose everything constantly they would hire you on in a heartbeat!