Funny But Spot On Job Interviews

#4 Working At McDonald’s Doesn’t Take A Genius

Don’t even tell the manager, a 21-year-old, that you have this vast amount of experience or even a college degree. It doesn’t matter. Just let them know you are capable of screwing up the #3 and the $6 in several languages and you’re hired. Ronald supports multi-cultures.


#5 Look At That Guy Over There. Now Look At Me. Who’s More Qualified?

The Old Spice commercials make no sense whatsoever, but they are fun to watch. Perhaps the company needs a new advertising manager, but look at that guy over there…then look at yourself. Do you think you’re qualified to write such gibberish? I don’t think so.


#6 It Really Doesn’t Take A Genius To Work At Google

Contrary to popular belief,You don’t really need to be that smart at all. Just look at Google Maps. In fact, the computers and the internet do all the work for you now. There really isn’t a person sitting there waiting to look up all of the answers to your questions, even the one about the longest penis in the world or how many licks it takes to finish a Tootsie Pop.