Funny But Spot On Job Interviews

#7 If You Can Figure Out How To Build A Chair Based On Those Instructions

Then there may be a place for you in management at IKEA. They’re known for having some of the worst instructions around but hey what do you want for cheap? Knowing how to put puzzles together guarantees you a job and you may make department supervisor if you speak Swedish at all.


#8 Samsung May Never Live This Down

Everyone has heard of the exploding phones that Samsung now makes. A bomb expert would be a welcome addition to their staff! Job creation idea…send all the terrorists to Samsung to work to keep them busy.


#9 Some Of The People Conducting The Interviews Are Odd

You no doubt have been to an interview before and thought “How the hell did this moron get this job? And why are they interviewing me for work?” The answer is simple, they love wasting time. Yours, theirs, and the companies. They can tell whether you’re a fit for the job in just a few minutes by Googling your name and using your identification. But sing that song anyway!