• Funny But Spot On Job Interviews

    If you visit a crappy business, chances are you’ll get the same crappy service every time you visit. You often ask yourself, ‘How the hell did these people get these jobs”. Some companies, even federal or social agencies, have such bad reputations that they may never live them down. It’s what they are known for. […]

  • Celebs Who Are Studs Or Duds In The Bedroom

    You’ve probably fantasized about having a romp with a famous celebrity once or twice, and wondered what it would be like. But imagine if you actually did it and it was nothing like you expected it would be. Imagine if you’re that famous celeb and your ex is telling everyone just how you rate in […]

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    Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

    There are many funny and embarrassing moment in our life. Sometimes we notice them when we see pictures of that moment. And these embarrassing moments will make us laugh a lot throughout the life and become a funny memory. So let’s take a look at these most hilarious moments caught on the camera, and I […]

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    This Shoe Store Has Been Closed For 40 Years. When They Opened The Boxes, This Is What They Found

    There’s nothing more satisfying to stumble upon than untouched history. Nowadays, we seem to be so set on demolishing old buildings and throwing things out than actually preserving anything. So when redditor oktober75 and his family ventured into an old shoe store owned by his great-grandparents, they weren’t quite expecting to find this. It was […]

  • 11 Epic Blonde Fails That Will Make Other Blondes Feel Bad

    Here are some of the blondes fail that will make you laugh harder. The pictures are so funny and hilarious. These blondes prove how stupid they are. We don’t know where exactly the myth that blondes are stupid began, but the fact is, hundreds of funny fails and awkward situations that have happened tend to […]

  • These People Are Having A MUCH Worse Day Than You

    Everyone has their fair share of bad days, but some days are so bad that they make you wonder why you even bothered getting out of bed. These are the kind of days that are chockfull of accidents, bad luck, and unforeseen circumstances – and usually, they’re the kind of days that end with a […]