Category: Funny

  • These People Are Having A MUCH Worse Day Than You

    Everyone has their fair share of bad days, but some days are so bad that they make you wonder why you even bothered getting out of bed. These are the kind of days that are chockfull of accidents, bad luck, and unforeseen circumstances – and usually, they’re the kind of days that end with a […]

  • Everyone Failed To Solve This Riddle, Can You?

    As children, our parents and teachers brought us many puzzle games and riddles which we certainly enjoyed trying to solve. These games helped us learn brainstorming and logical analysis. As kids, we tried to solve many riddles by applying ideas and clues; since we are grown now we rarely have time to indulge in our […]

  • Epic Fails That Could Only Be Described As Hopeless

    Put it on the bad day blues, the late nights leading to foggy minds, a bitter employee seeking revenge or just pure ignorance but a FAIL is a FAIL. It’s okay. We are in fact all human. We all make mistakes. That doesn’t mean we can’t get a good laugh in every now and then […]

  • Insane Pictures Our World Spewed Out

    Open the door to the padded room and unfold the straight jacket, because things are about to get crazy. Something just ain’t right with these pictures, and the fact that they even exist proves this is one muddled, mixed up, insane world.

  • Karma Can Be Brutal And These Pictures Prove It

    We have come across this saying a couple of times and Karma has been a big Bitch. While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a lot of pictures and posts that make me realize that the phrase stated here is true. “What goes around does come around.” Here are some pictures that will give you […]