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    This Shoe Store Has Been Closed For 40 Years. When They Opened The Boxes, This Is What They Found

    There’s nothing more satisfying to stumble upon than untouched history. Nowadays, we seem to be so set on demolishing old buildings and throwing things out than actually preserving anything. So when redditor oktober75 and his family ventured into an old shoe store owned by his great-grandparents, they weren’t quite expecting to find this. It was […]

  • 11 Epic Blonde Fails That Will Make Other Blondes Feel Bad

    Here are some of the blondes fail that will make you laugh harder. The pictures are so funny and hilarious. These blondes prove how stupid they are. We don’t know where exactly the myth that blondes are stupid began, but the fact is, hundreds of funny fails and awkward situations that have happened tend to […]

  • She Went Around Town Trying To Discover What Her Boyfriend Was Up To. Then She Discovers His Shocking Secret

    This elaborate and touching marriage proposal took the form of a scavenger hunt, with clues cleverly hidden in balloons. They led a path through locations that meant a lot to the happy couple throughout the Florida city of Port St. Lucie, culminating in a romantic and emotional moment on a bandstand beside Tradition Square, on […]

  • After Giving Birth, She Lost Over 50 Pounds. Now She Reveals Her Secret.

    New mom Donna Brierley saw her normally light, weight balloon to 196 while pregnant with her first baby. The 28-year-old from Manchester gorged on four meals a day and often indulged in KFC meals and late-night take-out. But after giving birth to baby Dylan last summer, she was horrified to discover she was carrying an […]

  • Man Married To Three Women Reveals How He Satisfies Them Equally

    When Paulie Hussle married his wife Vanessa Hussle, the two weren’t able to make it work and ended up getting divorced in 2006. However, they managed to patch things up. Now the man is back with wife… along with two more women. Paulie is currently in a polygamous relationship with: Vanessa Hazel Lady It all […]

  • These Are The Most Dangerous Female Gangsters In The World

    Crime is mostly associated with gangsters and mobsters who are just as vicious as they are calculating. When asked to think of a gang leader, many will conjure up ideas of nasty-looking men in suits who you wouldn’t ever want to cross paths with. It’s often a shock, then, when a mother or wife is […]

  • 10 Things That Really Shouldn’t Have Happened

    Many of us can remember having a brush with danger in our lives. With the chaotic way life can work sometimes, a harrowing situation can suddenly arise on the most routine days. You could do something a million times in your life without incident, but it only takes a slight difference in the process to […]

  • Drake Paid 2 Million Dollars For This Pair Of Nikes

    Drake gave us some interesting insight into his shopping habits. On top of sharing a throwback apology note he wrote to his mom about his spending in 2006, the rapper showed off one of his most recent — and lavish — purchases: a pair of Air Jordans made out of solid gold. You won’t be […]